BOR Accessories

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About Us

BOR Accessories Story

BOR Accessories came about as a result of us here at British Off Road a 4x4 specialist business established for over 40 years within the industry, seeing that accessories could be made better. We started off with heavy duty axles and flanges that could take the extra punishment of hard off roading. We then looked to vehicle protection, in particular body protection and underbody protection. With input from both our extremely experienced workshop plus the invaluable experience of running a winch competition truck we have come up with an ever expanding range of accessories. Through British Off Road’s sponsorship of the Australian TV series “The Off Road Adventure Show”, we have built up some tough trucks that feature both on the show and behind the scenes as the camera vehicles.

BOR Accessories Manufacturing

At BOR Accessories we pride ourselves on using the best materials for the job, with many of our accessories handmade in-house by our team.

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